“Changing Smart Cities through Open Data”, at Zoom Smart Cities 2017, JUNE 8 2017. Webpage: 


Open City Toolkit towards realizing Smart Cities: visions from GEO-C project (Devanjan Bhattacharya)



VGI, situational awareness, integration in public participation and geographic information systems and smart cities (Albert Acedo, Manuel Portela)



Multi-scale, multidimensional urban information integration, matching and visualization for smart cities (Manuel Fernando Benítez)


Notes on OuiShare Fest BCN: The social approach to smart cities

img_8422OuiShare Fest is a non-academic event that took place in Barcelona and is connected to other similar events, like OuiShare Fest in Paris. It’s main purpose is to discuss and show new initiatives regarding the Sharing Economy. This was my first time that I’ve attended. Particularly motivated to assist to the workshop organized by the Making Sense EU project, and also to listen what is the perspective that BCN City Hall has around the Smart City discourse.

OuiShare is known as a non-enterprise oriented, but a community based organization. Beyond that, funding in the beginning of the project become from the main sharing economy companies, such as Airbnb. Nowadays, it remains, but in the Barcelona edition it won it main support from the Ayuntamiento.

I highlight this background because since the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, stated against the abuse of these kind of business and those related to Smart City discourse, many changes in Barcelona are happening around the scene. Continue reading

GeoC – Spain, present in Vespucci Initiative 2016. Sensors, Smart Cities, Open Data and Mobility.

vespucciDuring the week September 5 to 9, 2016 in Benicassim – Spain, took place the second week of the Vespucci initiative, about sensors and mobile applications for smart cities. Where GeoC in Spain attended.

This summer school had as facilitators, as Michael Gould (Universitat Jaume I), Christian Sailer (ETH Zurich), Steve Liang (University of Calgary), Thomas Bartoschek (University of Münster).

With attenders of several countries such as Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Cuba, Portugal. We had the opportunity to face interesting discussions of different topics, for instance, the real problem that we want to solve in our research topic, a business model for research projects, education and mobile learning, sensors, all those topics were covered using small groups for productive results and improve the local experiences.

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