GEO-C ESR team won second place in the #NRWHackathon !

On February 27, 2016 in Düsseldorf, more than 80 participants including developers, researchers, administration officials, students, designers and programmers came together to create applications for “Education through Open Data”.

After a very interesting panel discussion from Claus Arndt (Moers), André J. Spang (Empress Augusta High School), Christian Dinnus (Open.NRW) and Hartmut Beuss (CIO NRW), the day unfolded into developing applications that use Open Data to educate children.

As participants, we selected our teams based on our interests and skills in the morning and worked all afternoon to develop those ideas as a group. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to work with new people and exchange ideas as well as improve them. I was part of the ”AmazingMapPeople”: an international team (Colombia and Germany) of eight people from two entities IFGI-Viderum-con terra as well as interested citizens.

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Geotec (UJI) organises a geogames seminar for GEO-C students

Christoph Schlieder and Thomas Heinz from the Research Group on Computing in the Cultural Sciences, University of Bamberg, Germany ( gave a quite interesting 2-day course about geogames design and implemation. The first day there was an introductory presentation on Geogames, location based applications and its components. Some examples of gamification in a location based application were also shown, including Geoguessr, where you have to guess the location of a set of random pictures; and Geocaching, where there are treasures hidden in the real world, and only with the coordinates and some hints you should find them. In both cases you should try to get the best score by guessing the location or by finding more treasures. There was an explanation of two of their own Geogames, and after a demonstration, where we played with real devices on the campus of the University. The goal of the first one was to guess the distance between your current location to some buildings inside the campus. And the second game was a poker card game in which to change the cards in your hand you should move to an specific location in the campus; we were playing in two teams and the one who had better hand when the time was over won.

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UJI organizes a Geogames seminar

In the context of Geo-C program, Geotec is organizing a geogames seminar for the next week (23 and 24). The seminar will take place in ESPAITEC II, Sala multiusos, 2nd floor ( And it will be taught by Christoph Schlieder and Thomas Heinz from the Research Group on Computing in the Cultural Sciences, University of Bamberg, Germany (


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